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Wisdom School


Wisdom School 1
01. Solve the problems of car, people, visitors, charging system and platform management
02. Solve the unattended problem of intelligent cloud parking management system
03. Cloud door ban system solution and accommodate new and old door ban card question
04. Face recognition mobile phone registration to solve the problem of no contact authorization
05. The equipment uses 4G communication to solve the wiring construction problem
06. Solve the parking fee line and pay the fee questions
07. Solve the problem of excessive speed on the road in the campus
08. Solve the real-time display problem of each area of parking space
09. Solve the problem of independent appointment and authorization management of temporary visitors
10. Solve the problem of illegal parking reminder and restricted access
Wisdom School 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Wisdom School 3 Surface Parking Lot
Wisdom School 4 Electric Bike Charging Station
Wisdom School 5 Security Monitoring
Wisdom School 6 Underground Parking Lot
Wisdom School 7Unit Office Building Entry&Exit
Wisdom School 8Entrance & Exit
Wisdom School 9

Parking Management and Access Control System with License Plate Recognition for the Asian Games Athletes' Village Olympic Park Project in China
Intelligent Park
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