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Software installation

Please install sql server 2000\2005\2008 first, then run the following software installation steps:
1. Create and connect to database

1. The Sql2000\Sql2005 version can be installed directly; for the Sql2008 version, the patch must be installed first

2.  Login method: you can choose directlyYou can also choose the sql server user and password login method;
2. Install license plate recognition software
Just follow the installation instructions to complete.
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3. Installation parking charging software

Just follow the installation instructions to complete.

Preparations To Run

1. Preparation before operation

1. To enter into the program, first insert the dongle into the USB port of the computer;
2、Click the desktop icon    "Park System".

2. Log in to system

 Enter the system login interface as shown above

When you log in to the system for the first time, you can enter the system through the super administrator user name "admin", and the login password is "admin". The system's own administrator account cannot be used for charging, and an additional administrator or charging member must be added for charging:


It is used to set the connection address of the Sqlserver database server. The local IP directly uses ".", and other computers can set their IP addresses (please set up the mutual access on the local area network first, see the fifth part); if you want to modify the server connection. After selecting, you can directly enter the IP address or computer name of the server and click , It will rompt if successfully connect.

 If the computer is not plugged into the dongle or has no permission to use the parking lot, the system will prompt the following information

 The dongle is not found, possible reasons:

1. The dongle does not exist

2. It is not a parking lot system dongle!No permission to use the license plate recognition system, please postpone or activate it!

 If selected below“",The next time you will automatically log in to the system with this username;

3. Registration and extension

When there is no system usage permission or the system usage permission expires, the system usage permission needs to be activated. The opening or extension code is obtained from the manufacturer. 

4. Main Interface

After the program runs, the program interface display is mainly divided into eight parts:
Setting wizard: It is mainly to quickly set the operating parameters of the parking lot, including the parking lot parameter setting, lane setting, charging setting, LED screen setting, online monitoring, most users can complete the basic configuration of the parking lot as long as they follow the above quick guide settings. The parking lot operation charges are managed
● Vehicle management: mainly manages vehicle owner information, including adding, modifying, deleting, importing and exporting whitelists, and downloading. This window can support fuzzy query of vehicle owner information.
● Online monitoring: The main window of export charges can display relevant information of export charges.

Report query: vehicle charge flow, vehicle charge summary, toll collector report, on-site vehicle query, Monthly member car overdue vehicles, parking overdue vehicles, stored value card recharge report, stored value card balance report, stored value card consumption report, stored value Card refund report, vehicle recharge report, vehicle query in the same group, offline record report, coupon query report, shift record, charge exception report, manual release report, cloud platform payment loss, cloud platform upload log, etc.;
● System management: user management, password modification, data backup, data recovery, data sorting;
● Help: camera license, activation and extension, about system, software manual;
● Re-login: To switch user login, please click this button;
● Exit: Exit the software
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