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New Energy Vehicle Charging Pile Parking Space Management System
Only use the parking camera to manage the parking space. No additional parking fee will be charged for new energy vehicles. High utilization rate of parking spaces, make full use of parking spaces.
Use the parking camera + parking lock linkage to manage the parking space. The parking camera recognizes the new energy license plate and locks the parking lock, and recognizes the non-new energy license plate. If the parking lock is not locked, the vehicle cannot drive into the charging parking space. Strong pertinence, special car dedicated management.
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Supervision content

The monitoring center can monitor the real-time status of each front-end charging pile through the cloud management platform.
 The usage status of the charging pile.

 Count the daily report, weekly report and annual report of each charging pile.

 The charging pile fault center displays the fault location and alarm reminder on a flat basis.

 The platform can switch the monitoring real-time screen of each charging field.
The Xiaowei charging platform creates an integrated solution for parking and charging. With the help of a unified platform, small programs, and public accounts, a mobile phone can be charged at any time. Not only to meet the needs of end users, but also to meet the needs of centralized management, collection and distribution operations, operational analysis and the expansion of new business models. Create a low-cost, high-efficiency, multi-dimensional intelligent new energy vehicle charging operation management platform.

Electric pile operation site can be applied to

Parking lot in the traffic hub center; Park; Business center; Dedicated charging station; Residential quarters and otherplaces with dense traffic

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Parking charging integration

 Paas Platform, Unified Platform Management: Solve the functions of charging vehicle departure payment, preferential discounts, visitors, electronic invoices, etc., and support centralized management and control of properties, multi-park operation, etc.

 Financial Management: One-click financial audit, the source of each order is clear; handling fee billing, charging billing; parking fee, charging fee separate audit, unified management, multi-level management, all functions are available.

 Payment, Reporting, Account Distribution: Support multiple payment channels and 58 banks, support account sharing (proportionate sharing), support no sense, support data reporting to government units.

 Visual Management: Official accounts, small programs, and large data screens create visual management. A variety of management functions to meet all scenarios: hotels, communities, office buildings, campuses, parks, business centers, transportation hubs, etc.
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