Professional Parking Solutions Provider for Various Industries Smart Automatic Parking Requirement.

After-sales process for parking management equipment typically involves the following steps:

 Customer Support:

Once the equipment is installed, customers can contact Our customer support team for any queries or issues they may encounter.

Warranty and Maintenance:

If the equipment is within the warranty period, any defects or malfunctions will be covered.    The provider may arrange for repairs, replacements, or servicing as required.    Regular maintenance schedules may also be offered to keep the equipment functioning optimally.


If there are technical problems with the equipment, the customer support team will guide the customers through troubleshooting steps to identify and resolve the issues.    This can be done remotely or by sending technicians on-site if necessary.

 Spare Parts:

In case of damaged or worn-out components, customers can reach out to the provider to order spare parts.    The provider will assist in identifying the correct parts and facilitate their delivery.

t Software Updates:

Parking management equipment often relies on software for its functionality.    We will release periodic updates to improve.

Good Reasons For Working With Us

The customer provides the corresponding demand document to the sales of our company.

Sales inform the after-sales team to evaluate

The service team evaluate the project and give the time and cost need to complete.

 The evaluation passes (can do), and the estimated completion time and cost

Complete the work within the specified time, please check the customer (it is reasonable to sign the contract)

Acceptance is successful and completed(all money should be settled at this time)

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Professional parking solutions provider for various industries smart automatic parking requirement.
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